Welcome to my support page!

Many of you have witnessed me working and progressing on my latest album "Joan of Arc, for String Quartet". This album really took my career to a whole new level. While I am still very excited about "Joan of Arc", I already feel ready for my next project entitled "Bird Language" - my very first jazz album with kanklės. This album will contain all the latest compositions I have been playing in New York, New Zealand & Australian jazz clubs. This project will involve over 30 people including musicians, dancers, videographers, engineers, designers, photographers, and a marketing team. As you can imagine, financing such a team by myself is quite a task, so I am currently really looking for support and sponsorship. 

I am looking for:
1) friends & family support (smaller donations);
2) sponsorship for advertising (larger donations for a business advertisement on physical CD's and vinyls).

Thank you for all your continuous support. Without my supporters and listeners I would never be able to make it that far. Love you all  :)



Would you or your business be interested in supporting a local artist?
Please read the presentation below and contact me for further discussion. I would be more than happy to meet you in person and tell you more about it!


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