Review by John Fenton: JazzLocal32.com - Jazz Blog, Auckland, NZ 2019

February 10th, 2019

"Minns is a compelling performer and this underpins her shows. There is always an engaging theatrical element to her stage presence; something akin to an off-Broadway show. When you factor in her vocal chops, fine compositions, and originality you get an enjoyable whole. It is more than a mere cobbled eclecticism, it is well-judged performance art. "

Review by Mary Teuscher "The Passion of Joan of Arc" string quartet score by Simona Minns

September 2018

The Passion of Joan of Arc is the latest creation by Lithuanian musician Simona Minns. She is producer, composer, vocalist, and conductor of the work which was performed September 15 at The Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Review by John Fenton: JazzLocal32.com - Jazz Blog, Auckland, NZ

March 1, 2018

"She is billed as a Jazz Singer, composer, arranger and artistic director, and she is unafraid to mash up or blend genres. All of the above descriptors were on show when she performed at the Backbeat Bar and everything she did, communicated an innate sense of fun and adventure. " - Jazz Critic, John Fenton

Tourist News, Kennebunkport, ME

August 3rd, 2017

"Minns Quintet" is performing in the concert series at the Franciscan Guest House, Kennebunkport, ME.

Review by Emily Cobb: Went there: A Hunger Artist

2017 July 1

Simona Minns‘ “A Hunger Artist” is a dance-theater work inspired by Franz Kafka’s short story by the same name.

Set on a bare stage with three musicians, three dancers, and composer/director/vocalist Simona Minns, the performance reads as contemporary jazz musical with experimental hints and nods scattered throughout the 60 minute piece.

Kafka story takes stage June 9-10 in Worcester

2017 June 1

Minns and her cast of eight combine avant-garde, vaudeville, slapstick, jazz and contemporary dance to capture many topics from Kafka’s story, including the conflict between artist and society. Her debut album, “A Hunger Artist,” which was released on May 20, showcases Minns’ vocals from the production.

Hudson - Litchfield News

Rodgers Memorial Library Packed to Capacity at Lithuanian/Jazz Concert

2017 April 14

Lithuanian musician Simona Minns a Berklee alumnus performed Lithuanian folm music and jazz standards to a standing-room-only crowd at the Rodgers library meeting room on Saturday.(...) After the Lithuanian portion of the concert, Minns introduced audience to her accompanist on piano, Zahili Gonzalez Zamora who hails originally from Cuba.


Kafka's Parable 'A Hunger Artist' Brought to Life on Stage (Review by Lauren Andrea-Lucia Hobler)

2017 February 15th

Director and composer, Simona Minns, chose a very appropriate space in which to hold A Hunger Artist, a theatrical performance and contemporary interpretation of Franz Kafka’s parable incorporating improvisation, musical performance, and theatre. The performance space was on the fourth floor of The Sandpaper Factory in Rockland, Massachusetts, an old factory converted into artist studios. It had the energy of a cage, surrounded by thick metal doors with signs reading “Not an Exit.”

Draugas News - 2016 July - "A Hunger Artist" review

2016 July

On the evening of June 25th, 2016, the Piano Craft Gallery in Boston was packed with a crowd eager to witness the latest performance of Simona Minns' experimental music and dance creation, "A Hunger Artist". The piece an adaptation of Franz Kafka's 1922 short story of the same name, offered an honest and moving contemporary art experience, performed by a talented, courageous, and international cast, and an opportunity to contemplate the questions that artists face when sharing their crafts with society. (Review by Monika Bernotas)

London Jazz: "Rock and folk music were not enough" (EN)

2012 August 13th

London Jazz blog is interviewing Simona Minns about her upcoming concert in Vortex jazz club, London.

"That‘s right. I believe strongly that art should reflect the social and moral issues and the spirit of the time. I would like to compare this approach to art with the moonlight - the moon does not shine itself, it only reflects the sunlight. As an artist I feel I‘m reflecting back the thoughts the life experiences of the audience back to them. "

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