"What is Your Name?" from A Hunger Artist album

The Burren Backroom, March 23, 2018 Somerville, MA

Dance theater performance - A Hunger Artist

"A Hunger Artist" is based on three fictional protagonists from the following works of literature: Hermann Hesse's The Glass Bead Game, Franz Kafka's A Hunger Artist and Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment. It's a collaborative project involving dance students from Emerson as well as students from Berklee.

A Cappella - Turėja liepa/Linden Tree

A cappella arrangement based on two Lithuanian folk songs "Turėja liepa" and "Eina našlaitėlė" written by Simona Minns. Simona Minns (Lithuania) - soprano Linea Lundgren (Sweden) - alto (recording) Rūta Pauliukaitytė (Lithuania) - alto (MV) Takuma Matsui (Japan) - tenor Atileo Tedoldi (Canada) - bass Video - Gintaras Sekmokas Directing and editing - Simona Smirnova Recorded at Boston Public Gardens, Boston, MA, United States 2016 October

Experimental theater piece - A Hunger Artist

"A Hunger Artist" is an experimental dance theater performance that follows the journey of a fasting artist who lives for, but simultaneously resents his audience. A combination of avant garde and Vaudeville slapstick, the piece relates the hyper self-critical journey of the young, striving artist. Inspired by Franz Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist".

Smells Like My Favorite Things (mashup)

rendition of the popular Grunge classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the Jazz standard "Some of My Favorite Things", arranged and sung by Simona Minns!

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"Final Fasting" from A Hunger Artist Album

"A Hunger Artist" jazz concert @ Backbeat Bar, Auckland, New Zealand. February 20th, 2018

Simona Smirnova Portrait - short documentary

Artisic documentary video about Simona Smirnova daily life. Recorded in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2011

Simona Smirnova TEDxVilnius 2011

Simona (Minns) Smirnova gives a TED talk on "Self Discovery in Music" 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania

Simona Minns is conducting her arrangement at 2015 Berklee Commencement Concert

Berklee Commencement Concert 2015 May 5th Agannis Arena, Boston, United States "Song For My Father" by Horace Silver, arranged by Berklee Alumni Simona Minns, lead singer Marlen Tjosvoll. www.simonaminns.com

Minns Quintet performing @ Lilypad Inman

Live performance at Lilypad Inman, Cambride, MA 2015 December 6th

Minns Quintet - Miles Davis "Four"

Live performance at Ryles Jazz Club, Cambride, MA USA 2016 February 10th

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