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"Kanklės in New York" is an exclusive instrument line that was designed by Simona Smirnova and handcarfted in Lithuania by Vytautas Švažas. 5 unique models represent 5 different Baltic ancient symbols: rose, sun, grass snake, toad and wind. Made of carefully handpicked Lithuanain maplewood, these instruments merge ancient spirit with modern, bring ethnic style to urban.



🩷 rose - love, beauty, health

💛 sun - light, luck, fullfilment

💚 grass snake/infinity - spirit, love, energy, health, fertility

🖤 toad - chthonic world/underworld spirits

💙 wind - change, wheel of life


About the product:

12 strings (G3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, B4, C5, D5, E5, F5)

Diatonic (no levers)

No DI (acoustic)



Kanklės instrument $489

Handmade case $60 (mandatory)

Tuning key (free, included)

Extra strings ($5 each, optional)


Shipping (depending on your location). Shipping everywhere in the world.

For shipping price please contact Simona directly at

"Kanklės in New York" 12-string instruments

  • These instruments have soul and were handmade with lots of care and love. Vytautas and Simona want to make sure that it will not become a souvernir or a home decor for collecting dust. Kanklės were made for playing and creating music in this world. Before you make your order, please send a short motivational letter explaining how will you be using the instrument and why to do you need it. We are looking forward to reading your letters!

    Motivational letter can be sent here or

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