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"Bird Language" For your 65th Grammy® Consideration

🕊️best jazz vocal album
🕊️best new artist
🕊️best music video

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press quotes

"There is an aura of mystique to Smirnova's Bird Language, a stunning blend of Baltic folklore, jazz, pop, and rock, infused with nature- themed sounds. The album was brought to life through the ethereal sound of Lithuanian kanklės, Smirnova's virtuosic, sultry signature vocals, and mimicked bird shrieks, interpolated with jazz piano-driven solos, and sinuous, enticing arrangements."
"All About Jazz" 


"[...] her voice evokes feelings of happiness: of being firmly grounded in the real world. Her enchanting vocal improvisations of bird sounds reminded me of tuī songs filled with joy and the anticipation of spring."

- "Jazz Wellington"

"I am especially encouraged by the Eastern European spin she brings to the genre... and belting a few Baltic folklore chants along the way. She provides some unique flavoring to jazz and chamber music."
Atwood Magazine


"Mood-altering jazz...[combines] Baltic folklore, theatrical and pop-influenced vocals, and chamber music into a unique sound all her own."


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